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The Stross Law site map below will help you find your way around this web site for Howard C. Stross and Stross Law Firm, P.A.

If you are looking for:

  • Business attorneys in Florida
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Attorneys experienced in handling commercial properties in Florida
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Commercial landlord and tenant law attorneys
  • Probate or trust administrators
  • Pre-Foreclosure counseling

. . . then you are in the right place. Stross Law Firm, P.A. can help you find solutions to your legal, business and estate matters.

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Stross Law Site Map:

Business Law — Learn about how we turn challenging circumstances into profitable opportunities.

Real Estate Law & Commercial Properties in Florida — Get the details on our commercial real estate service.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings — Get details regarding our services for real estate closing.

Probate — Details about probate services we offer.

Estate Planning Attorneys — Find out how we can help you plan your estate.

Trust Administration — Learn how we can handle administration of your trust to ensure that your wishes for your estate are carried out.

Pre-Foreclosure Counseling — Discover how we can help you avoid foreclosure on your residential and commercial properties in Florida.

Creditor’s Rights & Debt Collections — Find out what your rights are as a lender or landlord and how you can collect on debts owed to you.

Commercial Landlord and Tenant Services  — Get the details about services available to commercial landlords and tenants.

  • About Us — An introduction to Howard C. Stross, business attorney in Florida, and his team.
  • Contact Us — How to reach us for more information, including phone number, fax number, email, and office location.
  • Blog — Stay up to date on legal aspects of business and corporate law, estate planning and commercial properties in Florida by subscribing to our blog.
  • Home — An overview of Stross Law Firm, P.A. and our clientele.

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