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Peace of Mind A Life Plan for Everyone®

The Peace of Mind Program keeps your estate plan on track as conditions change in your life and shifts the work of updates to our staff as part of your annual review.

Peace of Mind Benefits

  • Annual Review Meeting
  • DocuBank Membership
  • Educational Events
  • Plan Updates As Required
  • Social Events
  • Trust Settlement Fee Reduced

We now offer an estate planning maintenance program, Peace Of Mind A Life Plan for Everyone® (“Peace Of Mind Program”), for our clients with trust-based estate plans. In order to work properly, trust-based estate plans require funding. Funding is the transfer of assets from a person as an individual to the trust.

If you buy a new car but then you don’t put gas in it, the car won’t run. Initially funding your trust is like putting gas in your new car. You also maintain your car by changing the oil every 3,000 miles. Car dealerships offer warranty programs and a dedicated service staff to maintain your car.

After the initial funding of a trust, maintenance of the trust is required to ensure the trust is fully funded throughout your life. If a trust is not properly funded, it does not attain its potential to help your loved ones at incapacity or death. It is important to periodically review your estate plan and your assets to make sure your living trust is funded properly. Our Peace Of Mind Program is like a service plan for your trust so that you will know that your estate planning goals will be fulfilled and your loved ones will be taken care of. 

The Peace of Mind Program keeps your estate plan on track as conditions change in your life and shifts the work of updates to our staff as part of your annual review.

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Peace Of Mind Program Benefits

The Peace Of Mind Program involves an ongoing, proactive relationship featuring regular communications with and reasonable access to your attorneys. We also will collaborate with your financial advisor, CPA, insurance agent, and other professionals, as needed. 

Annual Review Meeting

Our program includes “tune-up” services, like reviews and updates on your estate planning documents. Members are entitled to an annual care meeting with you, one of our attorneys, your loved ones, and others you may include to help you. At the annual review meeting, we can explain your estate plan, address cares and concerns, answer questions, and handle and diffuse the concerns of the participants. 

Updates to Your Estate Plan

As we go through our lives, things change. People get married and divorced. Relatives pass away. Babies are born and children are adopted. We buy or sell real estate. We change jobs and roll over 401k accounts into IRA accounts. As our lives evolve, so also must our estate plan. Documents must be updated, beneficiary designations reviewed, and account ownership revised to reflect our recent thinking and current legislation. Members of our Peace Of Mind Program can update their estate plan to reflect their changing lives. 

Reduced Trust Settlement Fee

When you have been continually enrolled in the Peace Of Mind Program, we know that your trust has been maintained. Therefore, at your passing, your beneficiaries are entitled to a reduced trust settlement fee for our services in the trust administration. 

Enrollment in DocuBank

In an emergency situation your healthcare directives need to be accessible to the hospital staff. You may not be able to send someone to your safe deposit box at the bank. DocuBank provides an emergency access card so the hospital staff can access your healthcare documents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We enroll you in DocuBank at no additional charge as part of our Peace of Mind program to ensure that your living will, health care directives, and other medical information is available right away in an emergency. Each year we renew your membership to make sure you’re still protected. For more information on this valuable service, visit our DocuBank page. 

Educational Benefits

We provide our members with a Trustee Manual, which includes checklists and guidelines for the successor trustee of your living trust. We also offer complimentary workshops, webinars and newsletters that will help you maintain your estate plan, educate your successor trustee, and ensure everything is simple and easy for those you love when the time comes for them to put your planning into action.

Special Events

Our Peace Of Mind Program members will receive an invitation to participate in an annual special event hosted by Stross Law Firm. 

You need an estate plan to work at an unknown time, for unknown laws, for unknown assets, for an unknown family situation, and for unknown goals. Sounds like a daunting task, doesn’t it? Stross Law Firm offers our Peace Of Mind Program so your estate plan evolves as conditions change in the future. The Peace Of Mind Program shifts the work of reviews and updates to our staff, and gives you peace of mind that you are keeping your estate plan up to date, you aren’t leaving unfinished business for your loved ones, and that we are here for you whenever you need us.

If you have any questions about our Peace Of Mind Program and what it can mean for you and your family, please Contact Us or call the office today at (813) 852-6500.