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DocuBank is a service which provides emergency access to your health care directives. Stross Law Firm offers this service at no additional charge to our clients who are in our estate planning maintenance program, Peace Of Mind A Life Plan for Everyone®. Click the link below for more information!


health care directives



DocuBank provides hospitals with immediate access to your health care directives and emergency information, Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7/365. DocuBank provides protection for: minor children, college students, adults, and adults with special needs. For more information on all the valuable DocuBank services, visit

  • Be sure to carry your DocuBank Emergency Access Card in your wallet — next to your driver’s license or health insurance card — at all times.
  • You should also periodically update your emergency contact and medical information stored with DocuBank. To do so, simply click here. You will need your member number, PIN and personal password (default set to your zip code).

Stross Law Firm P. A. includes DocuBank as part of our estate planning maintenance program, Peace Of Mind A Life Plan for Everyone®, to ensure that your living will, health care directives and other important medical information will be available at the hospital when needed.

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