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Creditor’s Rights & Debt Collections

Florida debt collection laws in commercial matters can be complicated and few creditors or debtors fully understand the rules that must be followed or the options available to them. Businesses and commercial landlords pursuing the debt of a non-paying customer or tenant should seek help from a qualified attorney. Debt negotiation and non-payment remedy services are available from the attorneys at Stross Law Firm, P.A. We have over 35 years of experience handling business legal matters.

In many cases, non-payment of debts by customers is the result of recent financial hardship. In Florida, debt consolidation often enables non-paying debtors to afford making payments once again. When negotiating with a debtor on behalf of a creditor, we strive to get an accurate picture of the debtor’s finances and may recommend debt consolidation or other strategies to strengthen their financial position and enable them to continue making payments.

Our attorneys can help companies:

  • Contact non-paying customers and demand payment
  • Verify customers’ claims of financial difficulty
  • Discover whether the customer genuinely intends to pay the debt
  • Negotiate new payment terms to minimize financial loss
  • Avoid unnecessary court fees and legal fees
  • File claims in probate court against estates of deceased debtors
  • Find a skilled and experience litigation attorney if needed

Florida Debt Collection Alternatives to Litigation, Eviction or Liens

Court action, whether litigation or pursuing an eviction or lien, is expensive and time consuming. They can also destroy the business relationship and result in loss of a customer.

When a business hires one of our attorneys, debt negotiation is usually one of our top priorities. If a customer genuinely has financial troubles but wants to pay the debt, we will recommend a course of action that may help the customer, such as a Florida debt consolidation loan. If consolidation or similar action is not available, we may recommend that our client renegotiate loan terms with the customer. The more flexible our client and their customer can be, the more likely they are to arrive at a solution that benefits both.

More About Florida Debt Collection and Your Rights as a Creditor

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