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Dastardly Deed: Using Tricks to Take Your Money

By Howard C. Stross
March 17, 2015

The predators are at it again with yet another trick about obtaining a certified copy of the deed to one’s Homestead. The dictionary defines dastardly as cowardly, characterized by underhandedness or treachery. That definition perfectly describes what so-called businesses are doing to prey on Floridians concerning deeds. It may not be a crime; it sure is wrong.

If you receive an official looking letter stating you should have a certified copy of the deed to your Homestead, and for $60 to $90, plus shipping and handling, the predators will provide that certified copy of the deed, pay no attention to it. The letter is rubbish. Here is why:

  • Anyone may obtain a certified copy of the deed to his or her Homestead, or any other real estate, from the County Clerk’s office in the county where the Homestead is located for about $3.50.
  • From the County Clerk’s website, one may print a non-certified copy of their deed free of any charge;
  • One may purchase a non-certified copy of their deed for $1.00 for each page directly from the Clerk’s office;
  • Persons can obtain a copy of their deed – certified or non-certified – by mail if they do not have access to a computer to print a free non-certified copy of the deed.
  • There is not a law requiring a person to have a certified copy of the deed to their Homestead or any real estate they own. In the unlikely event one must have a certified copy of their deed, this post has the information you will need to conveniently obtain a one for a nominal cost.

To obtain your deed depends on what County your real estate is in:

This post is provided as a public service announcement to prevent people from giving up their hard-earned dollars to predators.

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