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Are you sure your heirs will heed your wishes after you are gone?

By Howard C. Stross
October 05, 2017

How well do your children and grandchildren get along with each other? Do they seem to have friendly differences or do they argue at every family gathering? If you notice family members don’t get along well, your heirs may argue and fight over your estate when you pass away.

In a previous blog post called, “How to Know If Your Beneficiaries Will Likely Fight When You Are Gone”, we discuss questions you should ask yourself to determine if there may be issues with your family after you are gone. There is no way you can make your wishes known after you die so now is the time to really think about and answer these questions.

If you are concerned about how your beneficiaries will handle your estate, you should consider having an estate plan drafted to lawfully make your wishes known. No estate is too small for an estate plan.

To learn more about types of estate plans, visit the Estate Planning Services page of our website or call the office for a free 30 minute consultation at 813-852-6500.

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