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Blog articles from the attorneys at Stross Law Firm, P.A. with topics related to estate planning, business law, real estate, probate and trust administration.

How to Own Your Real Estate

Real estate encompasses not only one’s primary residence but also other real estate such as a vacation home or a rental property. The ideal form of ownership varies depending on the real estate you own. Below we consider the different types of real estate and offer...

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Thirteen Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know

In honor of Estate Planning week, the week of October 19, 2020, we are providing a crib sheet for knowing the definition of and referring to common estate planning terms. Estate Planning is an important tool, not just for the ultra-wealthy or those thinking about...

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What Not to Sign at Closing

If you are presented with a document at closing you feel may be a release of liability, do not sign it. Contact your attorney instead. There are many documents a buyer must sign in most real estate transactions. Almost all of the documents have a valid purpose....

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